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MacNeill School Lunchroom

There are NO microwaves in the lunchrooms. Below are some key reminders about lunch room routines and behaviors. We appreciate parents / guardians to discuss these at home with your child. If you have any questions or concerns regarding MacNeill's Lunch Program, please contact Mrs. Beattie.

The following list of rules for the Lunchroom are to ensure safety of students, support of proper manners, and to maintain orderliness within the larger group.

  • MacNeill is a tree nut and peanut-free environment because several children have severe, life-threatening allergies. Lunches should be free of peanut butter and grain bars with nuts or peanuts.
  • Washing hands before eating is a good way to avoid infection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Walk to and from the lunchroom - No running.
  • Ask permission before leaving the Lunchroom. No wandering in the halls during lunch.
  • Eat, clean-up, and then go on to another activity - in that order.
  • Please send utensils (e.g. spoon, fork, etc) for your children to use when needed.
  • Eat what your parents have sent in your lunch. No sharing lunches.
  • Sit in your seat while you are eating. It's proper manners to do so.
  • Use a 'conversational tone' when talking with friends in the Lunchroom.
  • Respect others and their personal space. Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Recyclable containers go into the sink. Separate the drinking straw from the container and place the straw into the garbage container.
  • When teachers take attendance, students who are staying for lunch are to "declare themselves". Conversely, if your parent / guardian takes you home (i.e. due to illness or because the family decided to "go out for lunch") after you have indicated that you are staying for lunch, please let the school office and / or lunchroom supervisors know before leaving.
  • Students who stay for lunch are to stay on the school premises during the entire noon hour.