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MacNeill School Christmas Concerts

Our school Christmas concerts are scheduled for December 13th and December 14th at Rosewood Park Alliance Church. Due to our increasing enrollment and working to stay within the fire code regulations, we will have two separate Christmas concerts.

On December 13th, the students in grade 1, grade 1/2, grade 2, grade 2/3 and grade 3 will perform for their families. We will have two concert times to acccommodate our families, 1:45PM and 6:45PM.

On December 14th, the students in Kindergarten grade 4, grade 5 and our choir will perform for their families. We will have two concert times as well to accommodate our families, 1:45PM and 6:45PM.

Our MSCC will also host a Christmas Basket Fundraiser on both days for our families.

Be Sure to Tune In

The @TweeterMillsCBC is out looking into some sort of zombie invasion . . . and he found it at MacNeill School. Click here for the link to read the article and click here to listen to the audio file. Thank you to CBC Morning Radio 102.5 FM for helping us to share our greatness!

Parent Portal Log-in

To encourage regular communication between school and home regarding student achievement, parents now have access to an online Parent Portal. Parent Portal will allow parents to view assessment information, assignments and attendance for their children. Access information for the Parent Portal is available from the school office. Parents will need to pick up the information in person. Once you have your access information you can click here and enter your log-in information.

If  you have any questions, please contact the school at 306-791-8507.

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