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September/October 2015 School Newsletter

Attached is the September/October 2015 School Newsletter.

Universal Lunchroom Review

Our division is interested in finding ways to reduce the costs of providing lunch room supervision. The division is focused on reducing this and other budget lines in order to maintain staffing levels in our schools. I have attached the invitation to parents to attend an informational meeting on Monday, October 26th at 7:00 PM at Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School), located at 1069 14th Ave. E.  Further details will be provided and you will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

QSP Fundraiser

Our MSCC is currently conducting a QSP fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who has supported this fundraiser in the past. Please note that students have been instructed to sell magazines to their parents and family members and not to go door to door. If you have any questions, please call the school for clarification, 306-791-8507. Happy selling!

When ordering magazines online, the magazine online number for MacNeill School is 3730835.

Follow MacNeill School on Twitter

Our Twitter handle is: @macneillrps

Our goal is to have 400 people following us by Christmas.

Parent Portal Log-in

To encourage regular communication between school and home regarding student achievement, parents now have access to an online Parent Portal. Parent Portal will allow parents to view assessment information, assignments and attendance for their children. Access information for the Parent Portal is available from the school office. Parents will need to pick up the information in person. Once you have your access information you can click here and enter your log-in information.

If  you have any questions, please contact the school at 306-791-8507.

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