Return to School Handbook

September 1, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools families can now read most details about returning to school in one document. The Return to School Parent/Caregiver Handbook includes all the information school families may need to know about school in September and beyond.

The handbook includes:

- Safety precaution details and what the schools and learning will be like in the coming school year

- Transportation

- Curriculum, instruction and assessment for Kindergarten to Grade 12

- Support Services information for students with intensive needs

- Program information for the 2020-21 school year

- Facilities disinfecting and cleaning information

Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Schools

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020—With almost one week of classes for all students completed, we are grateful for school family cooperation that has helped make student school experiences safe and positive.

As we proceed into the school year, we are refining our school-based procedures, including how we release students at the end of the school day. Although we initially communicated that we required parent permission to release students at 3:22 p.m., this is no longer the case.

In order to minimize students congregating on school grounds, we are allowing students to leave the school property at 3:22 p.m.; however, supervision will be provided until 3:37 p.m. for those students who choose to stay.

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COVID Alert App

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 -- With the fall weather moving Canadians indoors, it's important that all tools be used to fight the spread of COVID-19. Health Canada has requested that we share information about the COVID-19 alert app for all of our school families and staff. Please consider downloading this app.

To view the Health Canada poster, please CLICK HERE.

UCT - Safety Poster Contest

United Commercial Travellers (UCT) Safety Poster Contest

Grades 3-8 had the opportunity to participate in the annual UCT Safety Poster Contest in April/March 2020.  Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, most were unable to complete their posters before we ended school unexpectedly in March.  The Grand Level, as well as, Supreme Level judging's were cancelled due to travel restrictions.  Posters that had been completed were still judged and honored on behalf of UCT at the Local Level.

Grades 3-5 (Lower Level)

1st Place :  Alex W.

2nd Place:  Leighton U.

3rd Place:  Haven S.

Grades 6-8 (Middle Level)

1st Place:  Jade Z.