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Ms. K. Harris



Mr. G. Urban


Administrative Assistant

Mrs. T. Latimer



Mrs. S. Gudereit


Grade 1A

Miss A. Chisholm


Grade 1/2A

Ms A. Kay


Grade 2A

Mrs. T. Johnson


Grade 2/3A

Mrs. L. Kuppenbender


Grade 3A

Mrs. S. Gibson


Grade 4A

Mrs. J. O'Halloran


Grade 4/5A

Mrs. L. Meyers


Grade 5A 

Ms T. Coffin


Grade 6A

Mrs. D. MacKay


Grade 6B

Miss N. Reeve




Grade 7A

Mrs. C. Enion


Grade 7/8A

Mr. G. Urban


Grade 8A

Mrs. J. Klein


French Specialist

Mme Hayko


Arts Education Specialist Primary

Mr. Engen


Arts Education Specialist Senior

Miss K. Parisone


Teacher Librarian

Mrs. C. Stouse



Mrs. J. Sommerfeld


Intern Mrs. Meyers Gr. 4/5A Mr. O. Adede  
Intern Mrs. Enion Gr. 7A Mrs. R. Morgan  
Educational Assistant Miss C. Theriault  
Educational Assistant Mrs. S. Lyons  
Educational Assistant Mrs. J. Luker  
Head Facility Operator Mr. L. Burkowsky  
Facility Operator (Evenings) Mr. A. Tuazon  
Band Director Ms K. Schmirler  
Band Teacher Mr. A. McWilliams  
School Counselor Ms. D. Desjarlais  
Psychologist Mrs. T. Labuik  
Speech and Language Pathologist Mrs. S. Huber  
Superintendent Mr. J. Coleman  
School Resource Officer Cst. E. Black